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Places to visit near Ashirwad Estate

Rangana Betta (4kms)

This mountain is just 10 mins drive from the homestay and there is road up until the hilltop, so you can drive upto the hill top or if you like you can climb up by foot. The view from the top is beautiful with backdrop of Hemavathi river reservoir. There is also a small temple here of Swami Ranganath.

Parvathamma Betta (5kms)

This rocky mountain is about 10 mins drive, the cars will go until the foot hill and the hill top can be reached only by foot. Climbing up this rocky hill is easy by foot and it is quite entertaining for all age group. Usually kids enjoy this climb immensely. The view is from the top is very scenic, can see line of mountains of Western Ghats from here. It’s best to go here during sunset, you can view the sun setting among the Wester Ghats mountains. There is also a temple here with very artistic stone carving of goddess Parvathi.

Church & River Backwaters (7kms)

A ruined gothic style church built in 1860's, has now made way to Heamavathy River reservoir. This church gets submerged in river water when the water level is high (during Monsoon). When the sky is blue, the waters reflect the exact serenity of open skies and lovely countryside greenery dots the far shores of the river while she stands tall amidst the blue waters, great for photos.  This is place perfect as a picnic spot or for nice evening walk.

Sunset & Sunrise 

Depending on the season and the weather there are some of serene sunrise and sun set points nearby where you can sit and watch the sun setting among the beautiful line of the Western Ghats mountains or watch it rise from horizon of enchanted Hemavathi river.

Bisle Ghat View point (45Kms)

Bisle is a reserve forest in the heart of India's Western Ghat. It is UNESCO’s world heritage ‘hotspot’.  There is a beauty spot called Bisle View Point. From here one can view the mountain ranges of 3 districts: Kumara Parvatha of Dakshina Kannada district, Pushpa Giri & Doddabetta of Coorg District & PattaBetta and EnniKallu of Hassan district. The highlight of this point is that the view has a valley, with Giri River separating the beautypoint and these mountain ranges.

Mallalli Falls (45Kms)

This magnificent Mallalli Falls is beautiful scenic drive of from Ashirwad Estate Homestay. The Kumaradhara River, which run alongs trhe mountains of the Western Ghats is the main watercourse for this waterfall, merges with the Netravati River at Uppinangadi, which then empties into the Arabian Sea at Mangalore.

Drive to this is very scenic and has some challenging roads. Can be easily accessed by any vehicle.

Sakleshpur Town

Sakleshpur is a small hill station town and headquarter of Sakleshpur Taluk in Hassan District in Karnataka. Sakaleshpur taluk lies in the Malnad region of the Western Ghats. Some believe that the name Sakleshpur is derived from Sakala Aishwarya which means ‘Full of wealth’, wealth in terms of an ideal environment for all the spices and commercial crops that the farmers there grow.

Manjarabad Fort (30Kms)

Manjarabad fort is one of the main tourist attraction of sakleshpur. It is said to be built in Tipu Sulthan's era and was used as a jail guarded by a fort. The climb to the top is pretty ok with 500 odd steps. The fort provides decent views of the valley from the top

Belur & Halebidu Temples (Enroute Bengaluru)

These 12th century temples with great history and most beautiful carvings all around the temples. If you have never been to this, I would say it’s a must if you have time. These are very popular temples so may find lot of tourists. These temples are enroute to Bengaluru about 40kms of deviation.

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