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A homestay in Sakleshpur makes a perfect weekend getaway

Sakleshpur is fast becoming a popular tourist destination for weekend getaway near Bangalore. The increase in number of tourist to Sakleshpur is because of its accessibility to the burgeoning Bengaluru city. Sakleshpur town lies on National Highway which connects port city of Mangalore with capital city Bangalore, of Karnataka state. The drive on National Highway is very exhilarating especially in the ghat regions of Sakleshpur, it is one of the most pleasurable drives. Its scenic beauty, lush green coffee plantations, fascinating mountains, and pleasant romantic weather conditions make it a perfect Bangalore weekend getaway for people to indulge in nature and seek to have some peaceful time away from the hustle bustle of city's life.

A homestay is a concept to that of a bed and breakfast, where guests are accommodated in the family home of the host. The system which was a hit in Europe and other developed countries had come in for appreciation by the government, the tourist and hosts. This concept of homestay fits perfectly well with coffee plantation owners who now have an opportunity to earn some extra money not completely dependent on crops, especially with changing weather conditions. With people of Sakaleshpur being very hospitable, the tourism industry is increasingly embracing the homestay culture and now offers several choices for a weekend getaway. Homestays in Sakaleshpur offers you plenty of wilderness and freshly cooked home food with a taste of the local cuisine. For people who love nature these homestay are perfect, the wilderness of coffee estates provide home to numerous birds, animals and rich in flora. As most of the homestays in Sakleshpur are run by coffee estate owners who usually have the passion for hospitality or just looking for some social life away from their usual planter’s lifestyle. With the increasing costs of labour, maintenance and fast changing weather, the homestay revenue comes as a blessing to many planters.

While at the Sakleshpur, you get a chance to completely indulge in nature. A lot of homestays offer trekking to neighbouring hills in the Sakleshpur Range of Western Ghats. There are plenty of hills in Sakleshpur region, the homestay host will be able to guide and advice you on adventure day out. Trek up these hills will give you a magnificent view of the Western Ghats. Beside scenic beauty, wild forests, Sakleshpur offers most a romantic weathers throughout the year with only moderately hot

during summers. Go to Sakleshpur with books to read, each other to talk to, yoga to practice and most importantly a desire to do nothing, yet feel everything. Sitting around the fire under the vast silent sky within amidst forests, a Bonfire sets the mood for a quality outdoor gathering for friends and family. Homestays in Sakleshpur lets you indulge in some gourmet food without the effort of hunting for local restaurants. They serve you home-cooked local cuisine cooked from grown locally fresh vegetables. Homestays in Sakleshpur that have coffee estate attached may ask the owner to take you on a guided tour of the Coffee Plantations to soak in the ultimate coffee experience. A coffee plantation Homestay gives you an opportunity to learn about the Coffee, how it is grown, processed and the wilderness of the estate.

With just 4hrs away from Bengaluru, the tranquillity and the hospitality of Homestays makes Sakleshpur a perfect combination for a weekend getaway destination for Bengalureans.

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